MarkforceVE Cage Bank systems
Cage Bank1

Stainless Steel Cage System

Our cages offer simplicity of design which ensures that installation of any module configuration is a hassle free exercise. Banks of cages are very easily customised to need your changing needs.

Construction is of 304 stainless steel. Slam gates are easily removable, and have loops to prevent the escape of added flooring material such as paper mats etc. When ordering please specify whether doors are required to be hinged from either the left or right side.

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  • The floors have a fluid retention lip on their front edge.
  • All Double cages have reinforced floors and rear walls, and are equipped with two doors and a central post locking system.
  • The central post on all double cages is easily removed or replaced with a spring lock, which makes the job of fitting dividers a very quick and simple operation.
  • To provide mobility, caster bases can be fitted to modules in three sizes up to 2500mm long. These are also manufactured from stainless steel, and the front casters have locks fitted.


All cages are 700mm deep and are sized as follows:-

  • Large Double: 1250mm x 1100mm High
  • Medium Double: 1250mm x 750mm High
  • Medium Single: 625mm x 750mm High
  • Small Single: 625mm x 550mm High

Click to download the MVE Stainless Steel Cage System datasheet.